Marca Fermana

Inserted in a landscape and heritage of great value, the Centro Vacanze Camping Spinnaker is an excellent starting point for excursions to the ancient “marca fermana”.

Centro Vacanze Camping Spinnaker can suggest you the best thematic itineraries for the attentive visitor aiming to testimony not only the history written on old stones, but also the history of the populations who have lived on this land: Piceni, Romans, Longobards etc.

From the heights of the hills on which usually are placed, while modest in size, the villages look with indifference the convulsive life that takes place along the Valley, to remind us, with their majestic beauty, treasures and traditions that jealously guard inside the medieval walls.

Tradition and folklore are always present in the rich and varied gastronomy, from the seafood of the Adriatic coast to the meats and cheeses of the Sibylline mountains, a wide range of foods and recipes that are unique.

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